How banking will change after COVID-19

Tham khảo xổ số miền bắc The pandemic and new technologies will have a permanent impact on the industry, says HSBC's Kevin Martin.

  • The start of a new era

    A major agreement between 15 Asian nations could boost regional trade, investment and growth, says HSBC’s Stuart Tait.

  • Central banks develop digital currencies

    Sweden and mainland China could be the first places to issue their own digital currencies.

  • Asian nations sign new trade deal

    Asian nations sign new trade deal

    The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership moves the global centre of economic gravity further East.

  • Businesses maintain China focus

    Three-quarters of companies expect their sales in China to grow over the next two years, a new HSBC report has found.

International connectivity

Our global network connects about 90 per cent of the world’s GDP, trade and capital flows. We want everyone to benefit from an open international economy that is prosperous, resilient, sustainable and inclusive.

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HSBC in two minutes

Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcWe support businesses to trade and grow and help people to manage their money. Watch our short animation to find out more about us.

Our strategy

Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcHSBC is one of the world’s leading international banks. Our strategy positions us to capitalise on long-term trends affecting our industry.

HSBC news

A year of opportunity

Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcInternational students are finding innovative ways to adapt to disruption caused by COVID-19.

A world of banking in your pocket

Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcHSBC’s new Global Money Account helps customers manage money in multiple currencies easily – wherever they are.

An empty concrete car park

Cement deal lays foundation for a greener future

HSBC is helping a major cement producer launch the industry’s first sustainability-linked bond.