Annual General Meeting

Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcHSBC Holdings plc held its Annual General Meeting on 24 April 2020 in London, UK.

Details of Annual General Meeting

Friday, 24 April 2020
11 am BST - 6 pm HKT - 6 am EDT
8 Canada Square, London E14 5HQ, UK

As announced on 6 April 2020Tham khảo xổ số miền bắc, following the UK government’s introduction of social distancing measures and prohibition on non-essential travel and public gatherings, it was not possible for shareholders to attend this year’s AGM in person.

Responses to shareholders’ questions

Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcShareholders were encouraged to submit questions in advance of the AGM. Responses to the most frequent questions across key themes can be found below.

Details of Informal Shareholders’ Meeting

In view of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, our Chairman and senior management will now not be able to be together to host the ISM webcast. We have therefore decided to postpone the meeting until it is prudent and practical for it to take place.


Archive of AGM documents

Corporate governance

HSBC is committed to high standards of corporate governance. We have a comprehensive range of policies and systems in place to ensure that the bank is well-managed, with effective oversight and control.

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