Diversity and inclusion

At HSBC, we have always brought different people and cultures together. Diversity and inclusion is part of who we are and it is vital to building a successful business.

As a business operating in markets all around the world, we believe diversity brings benefits for our customers, our business and our people. We want a connected workforce that reflects the communities where we operate and helps us meet the needs of customers from all walks of life. Different ideas and perspectives help us innovate, manage risk, and grow the business in a sustainable way – and difference is celebrated within Our brand.

HSBC sets out race commitments

Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcGroup Chief Executive Noel Quinn outlines how HSBC will improve opportunities for Black and ethnic minority employees.

Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcBeing inclusive is an expression of our values to be dependable, open and connected. We want HSBC to be a place where people are valued, respected and supported to fulfil their potential – and we foster an environment where people can speak up to remove barriers to success, and collaborate to put the best ideas into practice.

Our policy

We expect our people to treat each other with dignity and respect, creating an inclusive culture to support equal opportunities. We do not tolerate discrimination, bullying, harassment and victimisation on any ground, including age, race, ethnic or national origin, colour, mental or physical health conditions, disability, pregnancy, gender, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status or other domestic circumstances, employment status, working hours or other flexible working arrangements, or religion or belief.

Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcOur commitment reflects the provisions of both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (the UDHR) and the International Labour Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (the ILO Declaration), including freedom of association.

Building a diverse and inclusive workforce

Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcWe take active steps to encourage people from a broad range of backgrounds to apply for jobs at HSBC. Across the globe, the types of recruitment activities that we undertake to improve diversity include:

  • Hosting and participating in careers fairs targeted at different diversity groups
  • Working with local non-governmental organisations to help meet commitments to provide opportunities for people from groups that tend to be under-represented in the workplace
  • Requesting diverse shortlists from our third-party recruitment partners
  • Ensuring our graduate attraction programmes reach potential applicants from a broad range of backgrounds

In 2018, we signed up to a commitment led by the 30% Club for the proportion of senior leadership roles (which are classified as 0 to 3 in our global career band structure) held by women to reach 30 per cent by 2020. We are tracking our progress against this aspiration in our Annual Report and Accounts and in our ESG Update.

Fasting, music, prayer... and Zoom (duration 1:13) Find out how HSBC employees around the world marked religious festivals during COVID-19 lockdowns

Employee networks

Our employees lead seven global networks and a variety of HSBC Communities. These voluntary groups bring together employees with shared characteristics and common interests. They aim to make sure everyone feels included, and can help HSBC to address internal challenges and opportunities. Their insight into the experience and needs of a diverse customer base can also help our business identify commercial opportunities.

Our networks focus on gender, age, ethnicity, LGBT+, faith, working parents and carers, and ability. HSBC Communities have been formed on a range of topics, including flexible working, mindfulness and Chinese culture.

Informing an inclusive culture

Awards and benchmarks

  • Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcHSBC employees are recognised in the most recent Yahoo Finance OUTstanding (LGBT+), Empower (ethnicity) and HERoes (gender) lists

  • Financial Times Diversity Leaders list 2020

  • Stonewall Top Global Employer 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020

  • Stonewall Ally Programme Award 2020

  • Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcStonewall Global Trans Inclusion Award 2017

  • Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcBloomberg 2020 Gender Equality Index

  • Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcCompany of the Year at the European Diversity Awards 2017

HSBC University provides resources and courses to support our employees in their development. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is embedded in our Group-wide programmes, and dedicated information and training on the topic is available both from HSBC and through other third party sources. Examples include:

  • Our hiring programmes, which guide people managers on how to counteract potential biases when recruiting
  • My HSBC Career – a dedicated website to support career development at HSBC
  • Our leadership programmes, which help leaders develop techniques to build trusting relationships with a diverse range of people
  • Videos and other content to support people engaging in both formal and informal mentoring, including advice on making connections with people from different backgrounds and levels of seniority
  • Country guidance with insight on local cultural attitudes and legislation around different aspects of diversity
  • Access to the latest research and articles on diversity and inclusion from trusted external experts
  • Our global bias awareness e-learning

In addition, we know that the expertise of our own employees is a valuable resource and that we have a great deal to learn from each other. HSBC provides guidance and opportunities for career development support from other employees and people at external organisations. Examples include:

  • Advice on coaching for people managers
  • Mentoring and sponsorship opportunities to develop specific skills
  • Coaching, mentoring and sponsorship initiatives via many of our employee networks including Balance (gender), Embrace (ethnicity), Generations (age), and Pride (LGBT+)
  • Participation in external initiatives designed to support the development and advancement of leaders from under-represented groups, the Mentoring Foundation’s FTSE 100® Cross-Company Mentoring programmes, the 30% Club’s cross-business mentoring programmes and OUT Leadership’s Out Next programme

We also share stories about our colleagues through our internal and external media channels to mark key diversity dates and highlight challenges, role models and best practice. Find out more on and on other social media channels.

Hear from our people

HSBC marks World Autism Awareness Day

Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcThree employees on the autistic spectrum talk about working at HSBC.

A million moments of Pride

Employees from HSBC’s LGBT+ network talk about what makes them proud.

HSBC supports a better balance

Tham khảo xổ số miền bắcHow gender diversity can lead to better business decisions.

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